Here are testimonials from some of my Boston dog walking and pet sitting customers!


Burton“Having Nicki walk Burton is almost like having another owner for him.  She cares about him and is deeply vested in his health and well-being, and Burton is always so happy to see her.  I can’t recommend her highly enough. … After Burton “settled in” some [after being adopted], Nicki made some suggestions for working on his training, including his recall, which was nonexistent.  She adjusted his walk lengths so part of his second walk could be used for training time, and it helped immensely.  Thanks to her,Burton has adjusted to his new life wonderfully, and in eight months has gone from a leash pulling, squirrel chasing, arm-and-shoulder workout to 135lbs of utter joy on the leash, responsive to commands, and even gaining his Canine Good Citizenship certification (which requires loose leash walking and ignoring all sorts of distractions.)  He now walks with Nicki on the “Group Walk” on weekdays, and has a great time.”    Read the Whole Testimonial


monty “Monty was a timid, shy, skittish dog who didn’t play with other dogs when we first adopted him. Over the past 6 months he’s become Mr. Personality: loves to play on his own and with other dogs, his fear aggression has greatly reduced and he’s a much happier, calmer dog. Nicki had a huge part to play in that transformation! Monty LOVES her – and he’s a fussy customer. :-)”



“We (and our dog) love Nicki and Dogs Are Heaven! Nicki takes our border collie out for an hour-long, off leash romp each day and he always comes home exhausted and happy. Nicki is really sweet, responsible, and great with dogs. Every day after their adventure, Nicki leaves us a note about the daily walk, dries off our pup, and makes sure he has food and water. He just loves her – her services are worth every penny!”



Penny“I’m so grateful that I found Nicki. Whether it’s a hike with other pooches, weekend dog sitting, or an on-leash walk after her latest clumsy accident, I always know Penny is in good hands. Nicki’s got an amazing team and Penny clearly loves her time with Nicki, Amanda and Stephanie. As a first-time dog mom, I can’t thank Nicki and Dogs are Heaven enough!”


rosie“Nicki’s service goes above and beyond the duties of your average dog walker. Her love and respect of animals was apparent from the moment we met. We are so thankful for the time our dog, Rosie, spends with Nicki. Rosie always comes home happy and well-exercised. In addition, Nicki took it upon herself to help Rosie with some fear and anxiety issues, and the results have been amazing. Rosie is a happier and calmer dog thanks to Nicki’s thoughtful care and attention.”


Annie and Lily

annie-lily“Nicki has been a reliable care taker of Annie and Lily since we moved to [Jamaica Plain]. She’s available, extremely reliable and best of all much loved by our cats. We can notice a obvious difference in the happiness and general sanity of our cats upon returning from a trip when we’ve hired Nicki versus when the cats spend a long weekend alone. It’s clear that the cats have had a companion when Nicki has been here. It’s with great confidence that I recommend Nicki.”


“When I moved to Jamaica Plain, I was thrilled to find Dogs are Heaven right off the bat.  Nicki came to my house, met Cassie, and they developed an instant bond.  When I was home with my newborn son I got to see how very excited Cassie got when she knew it was time for Nicki to come, she’d sit in the window watching and whining softly.  Cassie really enjoys her walks with Nicki and friends!  She used to have accidents in the house, but now that Nicki comes, she hasn’t had one accident.  I can’t say enough how much Nicki’s presence in my life has relieved the guilty dog owner feeling, and has made for one tired, happy doggie!”




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