Healing: Tong Ren


By removing blockages to to the nerves, blood flow, and oxygen Tong Ren can help to heal many physical, emotional and behavior challenges in people and animals.  Tong Ren can help heal or halt the progression of cancer, quicken healing time for injuries, release stress, grief, and depression, help balance hormones, support weight loss, heal or diminish the impact of auto immune disorders such as Lyme or Fibromyalgia, and more.

How does Tong Ren help with so many health concerns? Tong Ren focuses on removing blockages in the physical and energy body, when they are cleared the body can restore balance and heal itself.

What is Tong Ren?  The Tong Ren Healing system was created by Tom Tam through intense studies and clinical practice.  Tong Ren integrates the western understanding of anatomy, physiology and diagnosis with the energetic aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Tong ren restores health and vitality by removing blockages of the natural flow of chi, neural bioelectricity, blood or hormones. A small human anatomical model, or doll is used to represent people and animals on which the practitioner taps on targeted points with a lightweight magnetic hammer.  Each issue or ailment has a combination of points that through trial and error and understanding of anatomy, physiology and energy meridians has proven to be effective for that issue or ailment. Some benefit from hands-on treatments in addition to the doll and tapping. In doing Tuina massage in the Tong Ren style I focus on the breaking up blockages along the spine of people and animals.

What is a Tong Ren treatment like for your pet?  After 5 or 10 minutes animals usually curl up and relax and look quite peaceful during a session.  Cats purr. Some fall asleep.

Tuina Massage in the Tong Ren Style is also available: Tuina massage is a deep medical massage focused on opening blockages in the spine, nerves, arteries.  Tuina can be done for people and animals.

Why I am offering Tong Ren:  The first time I went to a Tong Ren class I felt like I received an enormous infusion of oxygen in my lungs.   After a lifetime of chronic asthma that at times was barely under control with multiple medications and inhalers, this was like a miracle to me. Suffice to say I was sold and continued to attend Tong Ren classes for a variety of health concerns – physical and emotional, eventually becoming a practitioner myself. Over time I have seen very good results for people and animals.

  I am a Certified Tong Ren Practitioner and  certified inTuina massage in the Tong Ren style.

 For more information:     http://www.tongrenstation.com/

Tong ren doll with hand