Training and Rehabilitation


With Dogs are Heaven Training and Rehab dogs become heaven if they weren’t already, or more heavenly!  Everyone wins.  :)

Making time over a few months or more to train or rehabilitate your dog can bring you positive experiences with your dog over their entire lifetime.

 My approach to dog training is     

  1. Humans are pack leaders
  2. Adequate levels of exercise
  3. Basic training for an ease-filled relationship
  4. Rehabilitation and healing work integrated when 1-3 are not enough to reach the desired result

What do I mean by humans are pack leaders?  When a dog understands the human is in charge they listen and are more responsive; for most dogs it is a relief to know they are not the pack leader.  This can be communicated in a number of simple ways – from how you give them food to how you leave the house with them or get into or out of the car.

My top basic training needs:   Sit, stay and come.  :)   Also good leash walking (loose leash)!

What is rehabilitation and healing work?   When the behaviors or emotional states are deeply entrenched sometimes no amount of exercise, training, or good pack leadership will be enough to meet the challenge.  When dealing with entrenched fear, aggression, hyperactivity, nervousness, trauma, issues rescued animal face, or despondency healing approaches like tong ren, reiki, animal communication and flower essences can help. More more info click here 

What is the first step to working with you?   The first step is to do an assessment, either over the phone or in person. The assessment is free and I will make recommendations on how to proceed.

You can reach me at  or tel. 843-810-2583. I look forward to hearing from you!